Tarah Toohil

Running for the 116th District of the PA House of Representatives

Tarah Toohil was raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Her parents, Peter and Barbara, taught her the importance of giving back to her community and making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Through the years, the Toohils fostered more than 40 children, including her foster brother Brandon who unexpectedly died when he was eight years old.  

Brandon’s death, along with her parents’ experience with the child welfare system, drove Tarah to become an advocate for children and to change the foster care system.  As a member of the Children and Youth Committee, Tarah has made it a priority to improve Pennsylvania’s foster and adoption systems and protect children from Internet predators and child abusers.

Tarah is a co-founder of “Brandon’s Forever Home,” a charitable organization, named for her foster brother, to support children in foster care and help find them permanent loving homes.

In Harrisburg, Tarah has become an independent advocate for Luzerne County families.  She has helped shape solutions to many issues affecting Luzerne County and Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Tarah has advocated for greater government transparency, property tax reform, greater access to affordable healthcare and safe schools.  

Dedicated to our community, Tarah has served numerous community organizations here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  She is a member of the Elks Lodge, Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Circle 200 Women of Northeastern Pennsylvania, AAUW Break Through Barriers for Women and Girls and Hazleton POWER.

Tarah and her husband, Scott, live in Drums with their children.


During COVID-19, Tarah has attempted to bring more transparency to state government, while protecting the safety and security of frontline workers, business owners and seniors in nursing homes.  She will continue to hold Harrisburg accountable for the policies that are impacting every Pennsylvanian.


Property taxes are forcing senior citizens out of their homes, squeezing the checkbooks of working-class taxpayers and making it nearly impossible for young people to realize the American Dream of owning a home.  Tarah supports reforming and eliminating school property taxes so that taxpayers can afford to keep their homes.


Tarah supports pro-growth policies that help create a job-friendly environment for businesses to create jobs in Pennsylvania.  She also supports enhancing workforce development programs that help students, the unemployed and veterans receive the training necessary to gain employment. 


As a product of local public schools, Tarah Toohil believes that our schools should be safe and properly funded.  As our State Representative Tarah Toohil has supported more money for K-12 education, school safety, Pre-K and Head Start programs and Special Education.  Tarah also supports protecting the rights of parents to send their children to the best school for their child’s needs.


As health care costs continue to rise, Tarah Toohil has focused on providing quality health care at an affordable price.  Last year, Tarah voted to reign in the costs of healthcare, which will reduce health insurance premiums for consumers.  She supports more transparency for prescription drug prices so that consumers can get the best price for medications and supports providing health care to those with pre-existing conditions.


Tarah Toohil has been recognized nationally for her work on behalf of children.  From protecting children from sexual abuse to reforming our child welfare system, Tarah has been relentless in protecting our children. 


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